Sales-Information-ImagesUnbeaten by our fee, or our personal, transparent, and highly professional services. Excelling in a competitive market, offering a seamless package to our clients that ensures our reputation is of high class and brings us many recommendations. A dedicated sales team, Kelly is the Director of Clear Property and property valuer. Kelly offers 20 years of local property knowledge and expertise. Providing a detailed and informative valuation of your property. Her swift turnaround of instruction to marketing deliver instant results and immediate client satisfaction. Kelly ensures your property is advertised in a way that appeals to many buyers, working to secure the best possible sales price. Tom having worked with Clear for over a year is a real calm, and honest negotiator. His eye is firmly on finding you the right buyer. Tom’s role is vital to ensuring sales are negotiated, and carefully managed through to completion. Our buyers and sellers feel extremely confident in knowing exactly where they are within that process. Laura has worked for Clear for well over a year now and is our entrusted sales administrator. Laura is methodical in her approach to ensuring all the paperwork is up to date and on file. Laura manages with enthusiasm and care EPC’s, Floor-plans, Photography, Terms and Conditions, ID, any documentation pertaining to a property, and on point of sale the Sales Memorandums. A great team that work extremely well together, in turn provides our clients with a service we are extremely proud of. We focus on every aspect of our client’s journey, from instruction to their final completion. All of this, with a unique guarantee of our service, in the peace of mind our fees are unbeatable by any other agent locally. View all Sales Properties